Tokenomic Tax Distribution

In a bid to enhance transparency, foster community engagement, and bolster the sustainability of its ecosystem, the Orenium team is proud to announce an update to its tokenomic tax distribution strategy. Designed to optimize the allocation of resources and support the long-term growth and development of the project, the revised tax distribution model reflects Orenium's commitment to innovation and value creation.

1% for Project Development: A portion of the tokenomic tax distribution, equivalent to 1%, will be allocated towards funding ongoing development efforts within the Orenium ecosystem. This fund will be dedicated to financing the research, design, and implementation of new features, protocols, and enhancements to the platform, ensuring that Orenium remains at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

2% for Marketing Initiatives: Recognizing the importance of effective marketing and community outreach, 2% of the tokenomic tax distribution will be earmarked for marketing initiatives. This allocation will be utilized to support targeted marketing campaigns, community engagement efforts, and promotional activities aimed at raising awareness of Orenium's offerings, attracting new users, and driving adoption across key markets.

1% for Staking Rewards: To incentivize active participation and engagement within the Orenium ecosystem, 1% of the tokenomic tax distribution will be allocated towards staking rewards. These rewards will be distributed to users who stake their Orenium tokens, providing them with an additional source of income and incentivizing long-term hodling and participation in the network.

1% for Liquidity Provision: Ensuring adequate liquidity is essential for maintaining a healthy and vibrant ecosystem. Therefore, 1% of the tokenomic tax distribution will be dedicated to liquidity provision efforts. This fund will be utilized to seed liquidity pools, facilitate trading activities, and enhance the overall liquidity of Orenium's native token across decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and other trading platforms.

Permanent Allocation: It is important to note that these updated tokenomic tax distribution percentages are intended to remain fixed indefinitely, with no planned changes or adjustments in the future. This decision reflects Orenium's long-term commitment to sustainability, stability, and predictable tokenomics, providing stakeholders with clarity and certainty regarding the project's financial strategy.

With the implementation of these updated tokenomic tax distribution parameters, Orenium aims to optimize the allocation of resources, drive sustainable growth, and maximize value creation for all stakeholders. By prioritizing project development, marketing initiatives, staking rewards, and liquidity provision, Orenium is poised to strengthen its position as a leading player in the blockchain ecosystem and deliver long-term value to its community.

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