✅How to claim Faucet

Guide to Claiming Testnet Faucet on Orenium

1. Ensure Connection to Orenium Testnet:

Make sure that you are connected to the Orenium Testnet network in your wallet. You can do this by selecting the Orenium Testnet network in your wallet's network settings.


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2. Visit the Faucet Website:

Go to https://faucetcoin.orenium.org/ in your web browser. This is the official faucet website for claiming testnet tokens.

3. Enter Wallet Address:

On the faucet website, locate the input field where you can enter your wallet address. Type or paste your Orenium Testnet wallet address into this field.

4. Verify Captcha:

Complete the captcha verification process to prove that you are not a bot. Follow the instructions provided by the captcha service to verify your humanity.

5. Click Claim tORE:

After successfully completing the captcha, locate the "Claim tORE" button on the faucet website. Click on this button to initiate the claiming process.

Check Transaction Status:

Once you have clicked the "Claim tORE" button, the faucet will process your claim request. After a short period, the faucet will provide you with a transaction hash (Txhash) indicating that your claim was successful. You can use this Txhash to track the status of your claim transaction on the blockchain explorer.


  • Testnet tokens claimed from the faucet are intended for testing purposes only and have no real-world value.

  • Please be patient while waiting for the faucet to process your claim request, as processing times may vary depending on network congestion.

  • If you encounter any issues or have questions about the faucet, you can reach out to the Orenium community for assistance through official channels.

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