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Verifying Smart Contracts on Orenium Testnet or Mainnet

Verifying a smart contract after deploying it on the Orenium Testnet or Mainnet is a crucial step to ensure its integrity and functionality. Follow these steps to successfully verify your contract:

1. Deploy Contract: Deploy your smart contract using Remix IDE or any other suitable platform with the Orenium Testnet or Mainnet selected as the network.

2. Confirm Wallet and Gas Fee: Confirm the wallet address associated with the contract deployment and authorize the gas fee payment using Native Orenium (tOre for Testnet & ORE for Mainnet). Wait for the contract creation transaction to be confirmed on the ORC20 network.

3. View Transaction on Block Explorer: Once the transaction is confirmed, a popup notification will appear in your MetaMask wallet. Click on "View" to access the transaction details on the Orenium Block Explorer

4. Access Contract Details: On the Block Explorer, locate and select the address corresponding to your deployed contract. Navigate to the "CODE" section to access the contract's source code.

5. Verify Smart Contract: Within the contract details, find the option to verify and publish the contract. Click on "Verify and Publish."

6. Provide Contract Details: Choose the option "via flattened source code" and proceed to the next step. Enter the required contract details, including the contract name, compiler version, and optimization settings used during compilation in Remix IDE.

7. Enter Solidity Code: Copy the Solidity code of your contract from Remix IDE and paste it into the "Enter the Solidity Contract Code" field.

8. Verify and Publish: Click on "Verify and Publish" and wait for the verification process to complete. This may take a few moments.

9. Confirmation: Upon successful verification, the contract details will be displayed, confirming that the contract has been successfully verified on the Orenium network.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your smart contract is verified and ready for use on the Orenium Testnet or Mainnet, providing transparency and security to all stakeholders involved.

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